Christine is a 1983 supernatural American horror film directed by John Carpenter, starring Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, Robert Prosky and Harry Dean Stanton. Supporting roles include Roberts Blossom and Kelly Preston. What car was used in the movie “Christine”?

Written by Bill Phillips and based on Stephen King’s 1983 novel of the same name, the film follows changes in the lives of Arnie Cunningham, his friends, his family and his youthful enemies after Arnie buys a classic red and white 1957 Plymouth Furia named Christine, a car who seems to have a jealous, possessive personality – and his own mind. The film was dedicated to Robert “Bob” Dawn, who was the director of film makeup.

After the premiere, the film earned $ 21 million at the US box office. The film received mainly positive reviews from critics and has since become a cult classic.

What car was used in the movie "Christine"?

What car was used in the movie Christine?

Christine needed more than 20 cars (depending on the source from 23-28 years) and not all of them are Furys. Columbia Pictures has advertised nationwide and consumed not only Furys, but also Belvederes and Savoys. Most were used on the screen, and the rest served as car parts.

During the filming, only a few undamaged cars remained, which set off to promote the film before it was sold to collectors. The fourth car also escaped from the crusher and was in private hands. One of the movie cars sold for $ 198,000 at the Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction in January 2015. For comparison, our Hagerty valuation tool gives the 1958 Plymouth Fury average value in excellent condition ($ 47,700).

King said he chose 1958 Plymouth Fury as the main character in this story because it was a “forgotten car”. The fact that the name of the model matches his bad temper is purely accidental. “I didn’t want to have a car that already had a legend like the Thunderbird from the 1950s.” – said King.



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