High blood pressure is a problem not only for old people. Nowadays most of those who live in stressful environment, use and keep low quality of diet and, in general, lead a wrong way of life are the potential candidates to hypertensive disease. What you can do to avoid negative consequences? Primarily, include in our diet the food which lowers blood pressure. Check out which product to choose.

High blood pressure and your health

One can think that high blood pressure isn’t something very bad. Nothing more wrong! This can cause many complications. The most common are: infarct, heart failure, stroke, renal failure, aneurysm formation and so on. High blood pressure is dangerous for women in pregnant. Most people with high pressure, especially those before 40., ignore worrisome signals like shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, sweating or facial flushing and don’t do anything or take pills irregular, what, of course, won’t bring good results. Hypertensive disease develops and if we do not act in time, it may be too late.

Keep the proper diet

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the most important things when it comes to lower blood pressure is a proper diet. We should know that some of the product have to be excluded from and other – included to our daily menu. Let’s see what foods lower blood pressure.

Beetroot – this vegetable (hated for the most people) is mostly recommended in high blood pressure. You can eat it as a juice, boiled or baked. Beetroot is a great addition to meals instead of traditional salad. It is also recommended for the body detoxification.

Broccoli – this green vegetable has many health properties including anti-cancer. They are rich in potassium, thanks to that blood vessels are more unobstructed, which makes blood circulate more freely.In addition, potassium accelerates the excretion of excess sodium from the body, which also helps to lower the pressure level.

Fish and lean meat – are great source of unsaturated omega-3 that improve heart function.
Eggs – contain peptides in the protein that normalize pressure, but people with elevated cholesterol should control the quantity of eggs in daily diet.

Dark chocolate – reduces blood pressure if it’s consumed systematically in small amounts.
Light milk – drunk regular (every day) lower blood pressure by up to 10% due to the vitamin D and calcium it contains.

Linseed – consumed daily significantly reduces pressure, and fiber content provides omega-3. We can add melted seeds to the salads, yoghurt or soup.

Bananas – due to their high potassium content, they are great support in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Olive – only extra-virgin is considered good food for people with high pressure. It contains omega-3 and -6.

Citrus fruits – oranges, tangerines, grapefruit are rich in vitamin C and roughage, as well as in bioflavonoids. This makes them a great support in the fight against high pressure.
Raisins are the source of fiber and potassium, thanks to which they reduce pressure.

Rice quinoa – is not only a great source of protein, but also lowers cholesterol and sugar levels what has a huge impact on lowering blood pressure.

Those are the most popular products which should be the base of the diet when it comes to lower blood pressure. You can also include berries, white beans, natural yoghurt, other green vegetables (for example spinach or lettuce) which also are a good support in hypertension treatment.

It’s very important to eat them raw or baked form without salt addition, because sodium is a product that increases blood pressure.

Besides diet you should also remember about excluding alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and some products that may increase blood pressure like ginger, canned vegetables, animal fats.

If we take care of our health in advance, when we feel the first negative impact of high blood pressure, it’s a big chance that we will avoid medical treatment in the future. Never underestimate any symptoms of high blood pressure.


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